Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time, text-mode, cold, stuff

This semester I've been kept quite busy. The courses are not harder than last year, but for some reason they seem to eat more time.
The Red Cross also had some chores in store for me.

I have not had much time to work on personal projects, though I've customized my start-up a little with a small script I am planning to extend a bit; right now it's asking me if it should start openbox and/or wicd (I've been recommended to use just wpa_supplicant instead; I'll take a look).
I've been working some more in text-mode. If you know of a good way to view PDF-files in the terminal, leave a comment; I'd appreciate it.
Right now, fbgs seems the only option. I'm looking at a pdf2html tool next; the text-browser of my choice is ELinks.

My preferred text-editor was nano, though I've learned to handle some basic Vim recently. I'm more accustomed to it already than when I tried to get into Emacs.

I've been sick two weeks ago and still had to do a long paramedical shift due to the little numbers of helping hands and then some volleyball matches, where I've heard some people had already jumped the boat so I didn't want to back out as well, the day after.
Since the temperatures outside have been dropping recently I felt very relieved after I got home, drank a hot tea and lied down in my bed.

The cold went mostly away during the week, I cough seldom and need to blow my nose a few times a day, but I'm feeling quite well again.

Next post - soon to come - is a small rant about a course I had.
Until then, keep yourselves out of trouble! Bye~

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