Saturday, October 1, 2011


My first experience with Archlinux is ... good. I have the feeling of having a bit more control over my system and I think the startup is a bit faster than my previous Fedora setup.

I knew I would only get a bare base-system after the install, but what I did not expect is that tools like sudo and locate are not part of it.

Pacman is awesome. It's incredibly fast; after using yum a real blessing ;D
It's also faster than apt-get/aptitude.

I already broke my WLAN once after updating Arch, because a bunch of WLAN modules were seemingly randomly blacklisted. Apart from that it's been running smoothly.

I now have Openbox as my WM and actually DE. I use tint2 for my task bar (it's pretty) and a handy, id tech-like drop-down terminal called guake.

I already blogged about my browser choice.

And I guess there's not really much else to say about it. The AUR is cool. The packages are bleeding edge. I love the rolling release. That is all.