Saturday, September 24, 2011

A short, short time ago,

at pretty much this exact same place (relative to the earth) I wrote a blogpost in which I promised a follow up.
Guess what.

I left off saying something about a Co-Op mod for Half-Life 2. So here's the story:

A friend of mine was looking for someone to play the Portal 2 Co-Op with. I still had Fedora at that time, planned to change to Arch, already got Portal 2, though unplayed.
So I thought I can install Windows and Arch, install Steam play Portal and then play the Co-Op with my friend and give the Windows-partition back to Arch afterwards.

So I did and in the process downloaded a couple of mods I wanted to re-play or look how far they've gotten.
Obsidian Conflict is one of them.

While playing it on a server a dev joined, who said that my name sounds familiar and he just implemented and tested my ironsight code.
I found that pretty cool and just asked if they're looking to fill a coder-position in their team, though I won't know how much time I can spend.
Guess what happened.

Thus I am keeping Windows around.

And I'll give a shout out to OccupationCS: Source. Note that the dependency on CS:S is planned to be removed soon.
It's a mod that adds realistic bullet simulation to a Source multiplayer setting. You can also choose different ammo, which results in different performance of course. It also added a more complex health-system.

While it generally aims for realism I don't think the fun gets left out. If you have a Source-game, check this mod out! I love it and the potential it has.

Right now you probably won't find any servers, but the bots are okay to play against until the official server is back up.

Okay. So far so good.
I think I'll do another small blogpost saying a few words about my experiences with Arch Linux so far.

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