Sunday, June 12, 2011


More than a month, no blog post.

Not much to say, not much happened to me.

Almost all of my programming time was for university stuff, all the rest was code snippets on a programming forum.
I've been jogging more, but my legs don't seem to like it much and hurt sometimes - not like a muscle ache though, it's something different. I hope it'll go away if I do more stretching exercises.

I've been pondering to buy a Netbook with a long battery life, something like a Asus 1005P. I'll wait a little more though, since I don't actually have a need for it; it'd be nicer than my current laptop for the university though.

Don't expect another update soon. I don't suspect anything interesting, that I'd wanna tell the world, happening to me in a while.


Anonymous said...

Nothing interesting happened, right?
Well, there is anyway a good news: nothing BAD happened :-)

Always be positive....

Also.... I'm sure that you're having a great time at your university....

Federico P.

(I'm an anonymous to you, I know...)

z33ky said...

Yeah, university is pretty interesting.
I get the feeling form time to time that I'm to stupid and I'll fail the exams, but I'm doing quite well on the exercises... so I guess I'm in good standing.
I'll see when the first few exams are over :)

And I mean yeah, my life is moving forward, it's just that I have nothing I'd wanna blog about.