Friday, May 6, 2011


Alright, so finally some time for a blog-post.

Yeah, I've been starting university and it has taken quite a lot of my time and attention.
I'm taking 4 classes, of which 3 are of the recommended plan. The forth one would come later, but a my tutor in the introduction week suggested that those, who already know some Java, could take a look at that course to loosed the time schedule at a later semester.
If I can't do it, I can still opt out and loose nothing, except maybe a the lecture time I could have been using differently.

I've also found two fellow students I share my schedule with, so we go to the same lectures, exercises and finish the group assignments.

Three of the four courses are mostly easy. Well, not as in nothing-to-do easy, but certainly doable. One I have some problem with, but that seems to be a common weak-spot for a lot of CS students here, so I don't make myself too much stress.
I still try to do many extra exercises for that course and reread parts of the script multiple times, although I usually don't understand more.

Anything else but university has pretty much some to a halt. Well, except for the important, voluntary work for the German Red Cross.
I'm also injured, so I can't do sports. Since it's my arm/shoulder I can still jog though.
Apart from the sport I don't mind it too much. It's not like my personal programming projects ever got far (though I'm looking to write a few lines at times for a program I'm missing from Ubuntu for Fedora); The courses are interesting and I'm still optimistic.