Saturday, April 2, 2011


Chiptune music, 8-bit music, I like it.

My music library had a few 8-bit tracks from paniq, but no others. When I search for chiptunes I found MP3s or sites with missing download links.
I guess I never really searched well.

Recently I found a site which also offered some FLACs, though mostly modules.
But the songs were not of the particular fast-paced style I was looking for.
Since the site also had tracks by paniq I landed at bandcamp at some point, where I was lucky enough to find some bleeps and bloops I was looking for.
Namely bleeds and TreyFrey. I got the latter in exchange for a little coding-work, which was a very fitting event since I don't have a PayPal-account; So if you're reading this, thanks again!!

I also found this interesting album, the genre of which is psychedelic chipbreak. The other albums of the artist are in the same style.

On a site-note, as of yesterday I am also officially a student on the TU Darmstadt, majoring in Computer Science.
And as announced a few days ago I've also resurrected my twitter-account. Follow me if you care. If not, big whoop, wanna fight about it?