Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reality TV

I don't like reality TV. Well, there is indeed a certain fascination about it, which I don't deny, but I don't watch it because I think it's immoral.

What makes me blog about it is that my parents also seem to somewhat think it's immoral, but still watch it. If you have caring parents chances are good that you look up to them and are thankful for how they raised and guided you (and sometimes still do).
And seeing them in this superior role, but judging them wrong by your own values gives me a feeling I have yet to find a word for. I guess I'm disappointed, but at the same time think that I shouldn't be as that is ungrateful.

I read a few articles to further understand the psychology behind these shows. The two most interesting are and

I think the strongest argument for watching these shows with your ethics in tact is that the people playing in there have consented to do so, as such they are of clean consciousness with themselves.
If we go down this route and you'd think it's right to degrade oneself for money, would it be right to offer money for someone to kill himself? While he himself would of course not be able to spend the money, maybe he's doing it for someone else.
Or perhaps offer money for someone to be tortured.

These are of course their free choices to do or not to do and I believe that one should support the choices of others as long as they don't cause other, non-consenting people harm, but the difference here is that these people would not do it without the money (or in reality TV perhaps also fame).
While it's not immoral (though maybe honorless) to perform the agreed-upon actions, it is immoral to make the offer to someone and of course to support the person offering it and promoting it.

And besides that, the people might not fully realize what they are signing for and I'm sure that the contracts state some negative effects for prematurely quitting plus the public showing that one was too weak to follow through.
And once you're out you're not done, since if the show was watched by many people, they will judge you based on what they saw.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not much

going on. I haven't really been coding anything. Started a C++ wrapper for SDL (1.3/hg), but I don't think I'll continue it.
Thought about making a terrain generator, but I kinda lack the motivation.

I've been following the events in Egypt the past week via the Al Jazeera English webstream. I'm really amazed, both by how long the people are holding on and how slowly the president reacts.

I've had a quite sudden and random urge to go jogging today. I took my MP3-Player along (there are actually just 3 MP3s on there, 2 remixes and one Song that was publicized as MP3 only; around 17GB of FLACs make up the actual music collection :)) and planned try jogging for 30 minutes. I really have no idea where my limit is, so I though that sounds appropriate.

Every Thursday I regularly ride my bike to a certain building where the DRK OV Dieburg (the local German Red Cross society) holds its weekly meetings. That takes me about 10 minutes and once, when I accidentally forgot my keys, already closed the door and nobody was home, I jogged there and it took about 30 minutes.
So, while jogging some way I thought about doing that again, taking a small pause and then jog back home. Perhaps I could do it again the following Thursday and right now I'll just test how well that plan would go.

So with a little detour I arrived there taking 25 minutes. At first I thought about jogging in circles or up and down for 5 more minutes, but I felt so good that I decided to jog right back home, without a pause on a different route.
That route still would not be the most efficient way home, but be a little shorter and since I was already going for a while I suspected that I've became slower and perhaps when arriving home I might have been jogging for 60 straight minutes (well, with minor interruptions which after I finished turned out to be one traffic light and three times nose wiping (I've been sick three weeks ago, now it's mostly gone; I also couldn't donate blood a few days ago for that reason :()).

Though as I was almost home my watch told me that I've been jogging for just 45 minutes. I thought, well I didn't do half the job, now I certainly won't do three quarters of it; I'm going to jog for a whole hour.
Now I did circles, each taking about two minutes. After the third I thought about quitting, but I pulled though. While I was in the second last round I even sped up and finally after the eighth round it was enough.

I guess I could have gone on some time longer, but you probably know how it is with those endurance exercises. At some point it's just enough and it slowly becomes boring.

The route I jogged was about 10.75km, that means my average speed was about 3m/s. I guess that's pretty okay.
Also, the music I've been listening to had mostly 145BPM (1x140, 1x146, 1x143 and 6x145 according to the album cover), which was very good in sync with my jogging. The album I've listened to was my recently acquired IM the Supervisor by my currently probably favorite band Infected Mushroom if anyone cares.