Friday, January 7, 2011

Using Fedora

After a few days over a week of using it, I solved some things.

The flashplayer ran shitty because I still had the software graphics drivers :P After I installed the proprietary drivers it worked fine. I'm waiting for nouveau to become stable though; I'll definitely use it when it runs somewhat fine.

I still sometimes have some problems with PulseAudio. After de-installing it, finding out that ESD is not in the repository and re-installing PA, it seems to run a bit better. The flashplayer doesn't spit out any sound when any other sound-program is running. I then have to close those, kill the flashplayer-instance and re-load the page.
And sometimes it seems to eat my sound-device and re-starting PA doesn't bring it back, no, I have to logout and log back in. Probably just some missing flags.. I should investigate the startup-script.

And the packages for Fedora are not named inconsistent, it's just that many libraries themselves have the lib-prefix in their name, while others do not. In Ubuntu those just got the lib prepended, but in Fedora it's just their name without any modifications.
And auto-completion also works on further entries, it just doesn't react on a single tab, but on double-tab. Not sure how I didn't notice that before :P
Though I still think yum is slower than apt-get.

So, all in all everything except PulseAudio runs fine. So far I'm happy to have a running system; I can't really say that I like Fedora or Ubuntu more. I guess they are both good OSs IMO.
Ubuntu has the advantage of optionally providing non-free stuff via the official repositories, while Fedoras software is newer and you can get the non-free stuff via 3rd party repositories at least :)

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