Saturday, January 8, 2011

Journalism: A Crime

I don't think I have to write about the current events about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. You should at least have a rough idea about that ;)

You will also know that Julian Assange is called a terrorist and what not and, whether you approve or not, I will also not have to write about that.

Now, what's interesting is, that the feral court of the US has signed a subpoena request to reveal information about several persona related to WikiLeaks for ongoing criminal investigation.
You can find more detailed articles here and here.

I am usually not deep into politics, but I generally approve WikiLeaks and their actions. Since I am somewhat lazy in researching facts, I found this page to clear some common misconceptions about WikiLeaks for people who do not approve.

I - We - must really ask how it can be, that governments keep secrets and lie. Does this not sound an alarm in our heads? Fictional and non-fictional documents have shown the effects. History can easily repeat itself if people do not pay enough attention or do not act, fiction can just as easy become the reality at some point.

Just because we don't believe something will happen, doesn't make it not happen. One might say there's enough common sense in every person to prohibit going beyond certain limits; That we have not and will not loose our social values, such as freedom. And maybe we won't, but we will have to act that it will not.

People can be manipulated, as far as abandoning their original beliefs. If you don't believe me, read this. Just as students expect to be lead by their teachers, we expect to be lead by our selected politicians. And just as a teacher can command his students, politicians can publish new laws.

Of course this cannot happen within a few days, but a government would have much more resources and way more time.
And of course while the students don't have much control over their teacher, the common folks do have a certain influence on politics - if they are smart enough to act. And it's not so easy to be represented correctly if our representatives are lying to us.

To end this post, here's a related and amusing YouTube-clip.


chaotika said...

Very good article. The situation is a bit like you described with the comaprison with the teachers. But i think it is a bit more complex.

The main influence of today in making politics is media. People with the same medial input tend to act in a similar way. Today most people are influenced by mainstream media.

Here in germany the situation is also a bit different, as people are relatively lazy in fighting for their rights. The thought "i can't change anything anyways" is in almost every german (there are exceptions). People here tend to be numb. This effect is also amplified by the illusion that what is in the idiot box does not seem to have an impact to the one in front of it.

This is why it is extreamly important that there are alternative media sources. People won't act if they don't know about the things which realy go on.

Another important aspect is information freedom. It is strongly connected to free media and free journalism. If one cannot find out about things going on in the state and in the business, one cannot control if things are going right. And if it is not known, nowone can check. So leaks and whistleblowing are one way to achieve information freedom. Whistleblowers and whistleblower networks should get the same protection as journalists. But leaking is only a workaround if things are already hidden from public. It is one way to fight for information freedom.

chaotika said...


Another way is to try to change politics. I think this is a topic, with a major impact to society. Because of that i was 2006 involved in founding the pirate party germany. It is interessting that media and other parties always point out that our topics are minor topics. I think this is only because they do not want those topics to be major topics. If one does not know nuisances, they can not be solved. Things must come to daylight.

I run for eleciton of the county council (Kreistag) in the county Darmstadt-Dieburg for the pirates. Our slogan is: "straight politics needs no backrooms". We want to bring transparency to the county council. Everyone should be able to know what is going on there and to be able to influate. Maybe we are able to change something in the long run.

I invite everyone to support the pirates in the election and to become an active member of the pirate party. To take on the election we still need 100 supporter signs. See for details. Klarmachen zum ändern!