Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stressed Coding

I just looked for something to do and stuff had gedit open with a kd-tree class I wanna write and I just though "meh". I reminded that I wrote that while I was at the red cross (alternative service).

When I think back, it seems that I code the most effective while a little stressed, such as school time.
I often thought that I can use the holidays to write a fuckload of code, but that never went true. Much more the opposite: I was watching movies or cartoons or something and playing games the whole day.

Maybe I become lethargic when not really having an immediate obligation to do something.

Coding only seemed shit when I had to force myself to code because of having nothing better to do. It's much more fun when I want to kill time instead when I have to - like right now.
Coding is fun, but you do need to think straight, unlike when watching some movies and different from playing games. Well, I don't really play many demanding games. Demanding as in thinking strategically ahead like a good chess-player would. Not like needing good reactions and making tactically clever moves that must be made quickly.

A little stress is always encouraging if you know that it won't become a burden.

Some people stated that they publicly announced their projects to get feedback from others and to get pushed more into finishing and releasing it.
I am not sure if this is wise with my projects. I did it with ViruZ, but I simply do not have enough experience with real projects as opposed to simple proof-of-concepts.
ViruZ finally froze because I was being too general again. I should have continued with my path to keep it simple, even if that means a reduction in quality of implementation.
I am not sure why Solace died. It was not my fault, I was away while it died and contributed after I was back at home, finding that noone else has uploaded anything in quite some time.

I plan on re-coding ViruZ soonish. I need to properly setup DSSS to get SDL working. Then I will just use sprites (images) as opposed to using raw OpenGL and using programmatic approaches to draw stuff.
Currently I am just doing some experimental stuff.

I can safely tell about my approach to the Google AI Challenge. I downloaded the C++ starter-kit, didn't like it, rewrote it and hoped for the community to like and prefer it.
I released it on the forums but it seemed to slip by rather unnoticed, unlike another kit. I did extend functionality by now, but it seems useless to post.

That post got way larger than I expected. At least I could tie up some loose ends :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quickly the time is passing

Well, it's really fucking rushing. I suspect that comes from the alternative service as opposed to school since this is the only thing that changed.

Since I don't really know what interesting stuff I could write about, I'll just do a quick wrap up of what I have to do for assisted transportation in the German Red Cross.

Mainly I just drive to the people that have difficulties getting to a hospital or something, pick them up, accompany them into the building and either wait till they're finished or if that time would be too long drive back to the district association to bring them home later.

For this we have either a stretcher trolley or a stair chair. Additionally we have means of transporting a wheelchair.

Some patients can walk short distances, those are of course the easiest, since you don't have to carry them out of their home and onto the car and so on. You can just let them get into the chair themselves and roll them around.

Otherwise we will have to get into their home, lift them into the stair chair and often carry them downstairs (and upstairs when returning). This can be rather difficult when the person to transport is rather well build (even the lesser good build will require some strength) and staircases seem to often be rather small as well.
Added fun when the person is demented and they grab the handrail out of fear of falling.

Since wheelchairs are not meant to be lifted (with a person still in them) we have a car with a hydraulic lift and one with a ramp.
We simply get them into the car like that and strap the wheelchair. Easy-peasy.

Stretcher trolleys are usually easy to transport. Just the act of getting the person on it can be difficult.

Transportation of this kind of personnel requires a special certificate, which we don't get anymore for doing alternative service as it was shortened to 9 month, and recently even down to 6.
Thus employed full-time drivers will do the actual driving while we just help with handling the patients.
We may, and usually do, empty runnings though (e.g. from the district association to the patients home and from there back to the association).

Additionally we help the janitor, e.g. collecting trash, doing yard work, washing cars 'n stuff.
We still sometimes get free-time up to a few hours. I bring along my laptop and my colleagues usually watch TV, one likes to take a nap sometimes and the other also reads a book from time to time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

needs moar post

needs moar content

So yeah. I haven't forgotten to blog, I just didn't have anything worth blogging.
And I actually still don't have anything, but this life sign. So yeah...

Time really flies by.

Been playing some Doom 3. I like it. It's a decent shooter, the story isn't really deep, but the atmosphere around it is build up very well and with love for the detail! It's really a great piece of work.
And remember, it's the first game to use a completely dynamic lighting system in a 3D environment that doesn't suck (afaik), though compared to todays lighting in games, softshadows, penumbras and ambient occlusion are missing.

And I found a program similar enough to foobar2000 that runs natively on Linux: Goggles Music Manager. It's less fancy, but I don't care :) It's mainly running in the background anyways.
It actually does way less than foobar2000; for example it lacks a plugin-system and you can't rip CDs. But I've only been using a small subset of foobar2000s features, so it works for me (using abcde for ripping CDs).

Well, I've written down something, now onto clicking publish post...