Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Installing Fedora

Well, I planned on having it installed on my system sponer, but it turns out backing up data (all in all around 50GB) takes quite some time. The external drive I'm using seems to write at only 4-6 MB/s...
In addition, the vfat filesystem apparently can't handle files of >=4.2GB; luckily I only have 4 of those (one 6.5GB and the others 8-9GB each), so I was zipping them to then split them into 4GB chunks (resulting in 8 pieces). While copying those, the transfer-rate was at only 3MB/s ^.°
That took like... 6h more than expected o.O

Then moved them on the external drive .... and finally! Let's install Fedora!

I liked Anaconda and at 2AM I got my first view of a new desktop:

After sleeping and setting stuff up, I broke Goggles Music Manager:

I got those -2 songs in the queue resolved, but it would only play one song and then stop.
So I installed Rhythmbox.

Oh, and I wanted to show my new, fancy, self-made wallpaper:

Now about Fedora so far:

yum seems a little slower in searching packages than apt-cache or aptitude, but just as imprecise. Another down is that the package-names are a little inconsistent. Bash-autocompletion for the packages also reacts slower and only works for the first package.
In Ubuntu all libraries were prefixed with lib, while in Fedora some are and some not.

I like yums output a little more than apt-gets though. Generally still a plus for Ubuntus apt-get, unless I somehow configured it wrongly.

Fedoras integration of LXDE works better out-of-the-box than the lubuntu-meta-package of Ubuntu.

Again, on the other hand I'm having some problems with the Flash plugin. It mostly, but not completely, works now; I have hope in the lightspark-project though.

Am I glad to have switched? Well, at least glad that I wiped my old system; If I am glad about the new one will show in time.
I feel a little better about Fedora, but probably just because I've set it up properly, unlike my previous system.

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sxj said...

Sorry to hear that the play queue broke in gogglesmm. It's still in development though, so hopefully you can try again once it is released in the stable version.