Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finding Scheme

Well, actually Finding a Scheme Compiler/Interpreter, but that way it matches better with the previous post :3

At first I thought of simply searching the Ubuntu-repository for 'scheme' and 'scm', however there were only programs with a slightly different name.
Then I searched for a reference-implementation, which there is none. Then I googled for 'most popular scheme interpreter' and found MIT/GNU Scheme.

I though, "Fuck Yeah! MIT and GNU, I can't go wrong!".
I then tried the repository again, to find out that for some reason it has been removed in the past. Without worries I went on and downloaded a source-packet specifically for x64 Linux and tried to compile that.
iirc it simply failed to compile.

So then I tried the portable C source-package and after a while it was finished. Trying to start it however downright crashed.
Trying to debug it, the debugger had no message except 'SEGMENTATION FAULT' and the stack-pointer being at 0x0000000000000000.

Lucky me I found Ypsilon, which had just one source-code for every supported platform, which compiled just fine and ran as well.
It also supports the newest language revision and claims to be well optimized, also for multi-processor systems.

So far I had no problems and did a few Project Euler exercises in Scheme to get me used to it, but of course it won't cut it, since mathematical problems only require a subset of the languages capabilities.
I guess I will just read on the ebook I have and let the university give me better problems to solve :P

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