Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fedora, here I come!

Yep, Fedora is the one I have chosen.

Lately I have found some packages to be a tiny bit dated. Well, mainly because I was looking for brand-new stuff that I pulled stuff from source repositories and compiled it myself.
Then I looked up a few distros on DistroWatch (a fine site if you want information on a bunch of different distros), and found Fedora to have the most recent versions available. Since it's also one of the most popular (at least according to DistroWatch) those releases seem to be stable enough.

I also had a closer look at aptosid (Debian Squeeze sid/unstable), but for some reason it doesn't get much attention from the security team (second paragraph on the sid/unstable-page), while - at least according to Wikipedia - Fedora has security at a high priority.

I have vacation until New Years, so I will use that time to scrap the data I need together, probably borrow the external harddrive from my sister to back up that data and install Fedora in place of my current Ubuntu.

I've been looking around for a new OS, because when I first set up this Linux it wasn't planned to stay very long. But like usual I got used to it and kept it like it is.
This resulted in a minor disaster within the filesystem and some stuff not being properly configured.

At first I thought of simply re-installing Ubuntu and this time also properly partition the drive, but while thinking ahead to that I was reminded of sidux (the former aptosid).
Fun Fact: Those libraries I was missing are also not present in my current distro anymore (well, the libraries are, but not the developer version).
The thing about these libraries is, that they are dated and were deprecated by a new branch (2.0). And keeping old stuff maintained beyond a certain point is unnecessary work.

This got me thinking of using aptosid, which in turn fired the oven to look beyond, my next target being Arch Linux.

Anyways, now that I'm going to settle with Fedora I'll be sure to post a screenshot of my finished Fedora-installation. I already made a new wallpaper, which replaced my current (well, now old) one and is going to replace the default Fedora one :3
I'm primarily interested how yum will do instead of apt-get. Though if for some reason I should like apt-get more, I can always use apt-rpm :)

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