Monday, December 6, 2010

Ankle Pain

I've had some weird problems with my right ankle two months ago (I couldn't bend my foot in a certain way without pain), which seemed to have occurred randomly.
Sadly the soonest appointment to see the orthopedist was a month from that, and when that day came, that problem was almost, though not completely, inexistent.

During that time I didn't go to sport, with two exceptions before the appointment since my foot was doing quite good.

Well, the doctor couldn't find out what's wrong, prescribed me pads for my shoes though. Shortly after that I twisted my ankle in sport. Though the pain was quite serve at first, most of it went away in about a minute.
I told my superior and went to the hospital the following day.
The doctor ordered a X-ray and didn't see what's causing it to swell and slightly pain when putting weight on it.

She told me to stay home for a week, wear a splint, rest the foot and lay it high.
Funny that exactly by that time I got a cold, and quite a serve one, too.

It looks good now and my cold is mostly gone (just a little rest stuck in the nose), though my old woe on my right ankle came back.

Again I'll take a time out.

During that time I didn't do much. I mostly just watched some movies and surfed on the Internet. That idleness seems like it will continue quite a while more :(
I also saw Dollhouse, quite an interesting show, although it only lasted two seasons.

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