Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time dissolving

It really amazes me how little time I seem to spend on coding.
I remember times I almost daily made a blogpost about my progress, now a month won't do.

Well, I proceeded using OGRE, done some tutorials and looking to setup OgreBullet, which is an integration of the physics library Bullet in OGRE.

Apart from that there's not really much programming-related to write about.

I was encouraged by someone to blog my thoughts about time (in a philosophical/physical way). I'm not sure if my English background is well enough so that I can express these thoughts accurately and clearly enough.

Besides, it seems I have about 3 guys really following my blog, and 2 are probably real-life friends with whom I already have shared this theory.
I do get more views on my blog, but they seem to be the result of Google-searches since those are pretty focused on two old posts.

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