Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time dissolving

It really amazes me how little time I seem to spend on coding.
I remember times I almost daily made a blogpost about my progress, now a month won't do.

Well, I proceeded using OGRE, done some tutorials and looking to setup OgreBullet, which is an integration of the physics library Bullet in OGRE.

Apart from that there's not really much programming-related to write about.

I was encouraged by someone to blog my thoughts about time (in a philosophical/physical way). I'm not sure if my English background is well enough so that I can express these thoughts accurately and clearly enough.

Besides, it seems I have about 3 guys really following my blog, and 2 are probably real-life friends with whom I already have shared this theory.
I do get more views on my blog, but they seem to be the result of Google-searches since those are pretty focused on two old posts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stranded OGRE

So uhh... funny title, huh? This blogpost will actually cover it, whether you believe it or not.

Well, I've had the sudden idea of downloading OGRE. I did and got a working Window with stuff rendered and input via OIS.
I've looked for alternatives, found G3D and IrrLicht. G3D was buggy and it doesn't really officially support Linux and about IrrLicht I just heard some bad things, I guess I'll still take a look though.

OGREs interface is a bit C-like. It seems they didn't take the 'academic' route, there's also stuff where I would have said, integers suffice, but strings are present.
That may be the reason why it's gotten released and is still maintained, as opposed to wrangling with having a pretty, academic interfaces.

For now I'm just playing around. I do have in mind, to maybe try on a project with this, but as the past has shown, that's not really reliable that it'll get released, much less finished.

If you know any good and similar libraries, let me know!

I have been looking for a survival-game running Linux-native. No hordes come and try to kill you, but rather find resources, build a tent, hunt animals, create campfile, stuff like that.
I found one game, something mars simulator or so. Not really what I was looking for though.

I know Stranded II for Windows. I really wanted to play it now, so I gave into my dislike for wine, downloaded and installed it through that wrapper.

Not that I think wine is bad software. It's really awesome what they did and still do. Really admirable. But this may be one of the reasons why Software doesn't get so much native Linux support.
On the other hand, it probably gets more users to use Linux and still run the Software they require.

Anyways, now I'm hooked to Stranded II. I'm really amazed how time flies by :(
I'll try to get unhooked and return to some coding. Hopefully using some bigger libraries as backend will help me not get distracted. I already caught myself thinking about wrappers for OGRE to make its interface more .. the style I want.