Tuesday, September 7, 2010

needs moar post

needs moar content

So yeah. I haven't forgotten to blog, I just didn't have anything worth blogging.
And I actually still don't have anything, but this life sign. So yeah...

Time really flies by.

Been playing some Doom 3. I like it. It's a decent shooter, the story isn't really deep, but the atmosphere around it is build up very well and with love for the detail! It's really a great piece of work.
And remember, it's the first game to use a completely dynamic lighting system in a 3D environment that doesn't suck (afaik), though compared to todays lighting in games, softshadows, penumbras and ambient occlusion are missing.

And I found a program similar enough to foobar2000 that runs natively on Linux: Goggles Music Manager. It's less fancy, but I don't care :) It's mainly running in the background anyways.
It actually does way less than foobar2000; for example it lacks a plugin-system and you can't rip CDs. But I've only been using a small subset of foobar2000s features, so it works for me (using abcde for ripping CDs).

Well, I've written down something, now onto clicking publish post...

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