Friday, August 6, 2010

Time spend .. not too well

I'm unsure of what to write about. Still, here goes a new blogpost:

This weeks free time was mainly spend watching Star Trek or Bleach episodes.
I found Star Trek quite less amazing than I expected it to be. I watched through the original series and the animated series, as well as having seen the first, second and the newest Star Trek movies.
You know, with all the Trekkies and the stereotype of a geek liking Star Trek I just kinda expected it to be something special.
I guess it was back then, and today it's still okay, I don't think it's anything special anymore though. My personal opinion anyways.

Apart from that I also played some games, commented and fixed small stuff in my code for Solace.

My sleeping cycle has been shifted around quite a bit as well.
When I still had to attend to school I would go to bed around 0-1 (not being too tired) and stay up at around 6:30, now I get sleepy at around 23 (11PM) and stay up at 7 (for alternative service). I'll be damned!

My sense of time has gotten a little bit worse as well I think. And from time to time my sense of balance is reacting slow, like lagging a bit. No idea why that is happening - not really just in the morning, it seems to come and go randomly, lasting around half an hour.

This is all I have to say today.
GLaD to make a bunch of blogposts again :3

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