Friday, July 23, 2010

Traffic Jam

You might notice a slight similarity in this and the previous' blogpost titles. That is because I wanted to merge those two at first, but - as you can very well see - I seperated them.

By Traffic Jam I do not mean the actual traffic jam, but much rather a musical event here in my home town.
This year was my first attendant there, and I have gone from it with mixed feelings.

I think most of it was rather enjoyable. The music was mostly fine to pretty good. I expected more metal than punk, but I was informed that this actually was the case the last time. It was contemplated that the event might have become more main-stream and thus less 'extreme' music was voted in.

Anyways, this was also my first time dancing proper pogo. I enjoyed it very much, and it was quite a bit more tiring than I thought. I'm looking forward and dancing it again.

This also brings me to my next point: I feel uncomfortable with 'normal', more traditional dances. One band, Russkaja, animated the people to do this kind of dance in one of their songs, while I prefered to - and also did - stand still. Two friends of mine tried to actively get me to dance, but I resisted.
Needless to say that I felt quite out of the picture.

Another negative point is the loss of time. I usually listen to music in the background, while doing something else. Other than that I use it to pass the time faster when waiting for something.
One might argue that two days - which were not even completly spend at that event - might not be much time and it is okay to enjoy oneself. Well, I did do so, but within two days much can be done. As the proverb has it "Live everyday like it is your last".
Not to say that I am a working machine. Frankly I am not. I would probably have spend quite a while playing Unreal or something if I wouldn't have attended to that event.

So in conclusion, parts were fun. It was defentially worth the experience.
I left a bit money there, but you have to give some to get some.
There were akward and unconfomiting moments, and some I enjoyed, though I am a bit hard for that on myself. In the end, the time lost will probably not matter - I don't even know if I might have spend the whole time being unproductive anyways.
I consider going again in two years - the periode from a year was increased to two years due to personal constraints of the organizers - if the lineup sounds right.

P.S.: As you could see, I had no internets there :-( Though I got back for the weekend :-)

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