Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So what have I been up to?

This post will briefly go over the productive stuff I have done while not posting in my blog.

I have been going a little bit further on my Linux-port of ViruZ (e.g. I now know where I left off, fixed some issues, but still have startup-bugs).

I took a new look at D, specifically version 2, which specifications now seem to be written down. I've written a hello-world program in D2. I'm looking into using a D-compatible version of OpenGL (I couldn't find no pretty API; I'll probably be using DerelictGL) and possibly port my C++ ViruZ to it for some unknown reason. Seriously though, yes it will further delay ViruZ, so I'm looking to get a working demo of it in C++ first and then port it. The demo will have less features than promised in some earlier blogpost.

And most of my time has gone into a virtual-filesystem using PhysicsFS and a fancy, threaded content-loader; threaded as in loading stuff in the background (unless specifically instructed otherwise) so you can have animated loading screens or possibly loader further content while the game is running. This and some more for Solace.
I must say that I do very much like it, though some parts have been almost driving me mad (damn templates :P). It also not as pretty as it could be, but it does its job well.

Solace is a project I recently joined. You can read some stuff about it here. You can also look for the devs in #solace-dev on freenode (IRC).

I've been using Doxygen to write a documentation from inside the code via especially formatted comments.
I don't like it too much, but it's probably the best way to approach it.

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