Saturday, July 17, 2010

Internet Jam

My Internets has been quite unstable the last two weeks.
Here's a output I got from pinging Googles primary DNS Server, which I used to see if some site was down or if we were offline without having to check the router:

--- ping statistics ---
12350 packets transmitted, 7864 received, +2340 errors, 36% packet loss, time 12383330ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 28.203/37.691/255.649/17.831 ms, pipe 3

The errors main occurred when we were restarting the router, which would often help to get some Internets for a small timespan.
Sometimes just a minute, sometimes a few hours.

It seemed to have gotten better the last few days.
We already sent a complaint to our provider, but so far they only replied with a bunch of questions, some of which the answers were actually contained in previous E-Mails, some questions where I wonder why they matter (e.g. what OS we are using) and some legit ones.

I'll be going on a seminar for two weeks starting Monday about the civilian service I am doing. Dunno if I get Internets there to write more posts.

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