Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog on fasting

Well, since my transitioning to Linux I seem to have forgotten most about the Blog.
Additionally, at that time I was getting ready for my oral Abitur exams, then 1.5 weeks pause and then alternative service.

I'll presume that some of you are not too wandered with german laws, so here's a short version about mandantory military service.
Since 1956 (afaik) it is written in our basic laws, that each male must be mustered for military purpose. If you are fit enough, you have to do a certain time of service, I know it was 2 years once, right now it's 9 months and soon it'll probably get down to just 6 month.

Apart from getting discharged as unfit you can also get away from it if two of your brothers already participated, if you're married, there's also something when your education requires you to not do it at this moment and some more. But basically, most will get mustered.

Now since the government doesn't want to force you to disgregard your moral and ethic understanding, they allow you to write a conscientious objection. That will get send to some government institution, read and decided if it is coherent so they will either accept it or not.
If they do not, you can write up a second one and I think if they also decline this you will have to either obey or sue.
I'll not debate what I think of that right now.

My first write-up was declined, my second, which was written with the help of my father, writing stuff up about how my ancestors were involved in the second world war and how my moral and ethics about war were affected by this and then it got accepted.

So, if they will accept your conscientious objection you will have to perform civil service.
As I am already a member of the German Red Cross, I looked for a spot there and got into the assisted transport.

So that's where I'm at now, and this is finally a new blog-post.
More to come.

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