Sunday, May 16, 2010


So, I finally got it. I used the Ubuntu DVD to install a minimal Ubuntu system, then installed OpenBox, though I couldn't be bothered to set it up, so I installed the lubuntu-meta package. It of course has additional pre-installed features, but it still doesn't run as expected.

The biggest problem being the function-keys not working (display-brightness, enabling/disabling WLAN, volume, ..).
Secondary the buggy flash-plugin. It doesn't seem to always correctly register the mouse-release event and tends to crash a lot. I hope the HTML5 canvas will replace much...

MonoDevelop runs fine on Linux, but I can't really be bothered writing the GUI in Gtk#. Gtk# is okay if you want a rich user interface and invest time in it, but I just want a quick and dirty GUI and that's just not possible with Gtk#.
Funny thing is, I found out that my Sudoku-program runs (almost) fine in Linux:
It's having minor cosmetic bugs (also causing Undo and Redo not to work properly) and Loading and Saving doesn't work, but I guess I could fix that.
But that is not helpful when it doesn't even start up on my mothers Macbook ._.

I'll try out how a 'normal' Xubuntu install works out for me concerning the function-keys.
It'd be sweet to have an Ubuntu running on my laptop, but not with that crippled functionality; the akku'd say good bye in 1h or something and it's kinda inconvenient to do it manually and script are also not the dog's bollocks.

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