Tuesday, May 4, 2010

C#, MonoDevelop

I wanted to get into C# for quite a while, so last week I installed MonoDevelop on the my schools computer to replace the Java (eww) IDE. After a short while of using it, I decided to install it on my temporary Windows-setup.
C# seems to be a real treat, but MonoDevelop runs like shit for me. I'm using v2.2.2, which is dubbed as 'stable', but for me it runs pretty unstable.

It seems to like to crash at random, sometimes after crashing it doesn't like to open certain files without further explanation than "Specified method is not supported", which I have no idea what this means relating to opening simple text-files.
It also seems to have a habit of corrupting my UI made with the Gtk# UI Designer.

Dunno how it runs for everyone else, but I'm staying away from MonoDevelop until they are releasing a new major revision.

I'll try out SharpDevelop, from which MonoDevelop forked, but they seem to have gone a little different ways, and hope that MonoDevelop runs fine for me on Lubuntu.

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