Friday, May 21, 2010

Meanwhile, at z33kys place

Not much going on. Been enjoying some Nexuiz, done some work for a picture -> ASCII converter in C#.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|%v|+++++++++/^"'"",,^)//)|///////+ixvivvvi/////////////+i".... "^^=`.....";":::::::::=+^^^=:::::::::::::
;^;=/=^^^;;^^^^^^^^+|//++||^,"''"""'':+||/^"",=||+^^^=+|v)+=^^^;^^^^^^^^^^,:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,;"`.-"` .`',+|=^;
^^++^^^======+++++++/||||||////=^,:"'"''"'=/|/=^^;^;^;=|^^^^^^^^^^^^===+:.',:::"::::::::::::::::::::::::::;,_..`'-... `:^^^
^/+++++++//++//++++++++//////||||iv='''"";||//+++==^^^/====++++//////+".`'`.';,::::::"":::::::::::::::,,:_`.._'-... ...-=/
|////++++++//++++++++////+/+++/|))/=":;=/+//+//////+/i/+++/++++////|,.....-_`.-",,:::::::::::::::,,,"'-...-__` .`/
//++++++++++++++++++++++++++/|/=/ii)////+|)+====/||+)|+/+++++++++//' .."-...'_...`'",,:::::,::"'_-`....'''` . .'
/+++++++++++++++++++++++++/|)///+|i)|===+|)|////++/vi+//++/++++++/_...`"......__`.`'_"^:'_'"`. ....-___"-`...... .... ..
+++++++++++++++++///////=;,;,:"":;/+^+=+)/)||///||/||||||||/////|'...."``_'""""":,"`__:.....:``____``_""-````----`... . ..
++++++++++++++////+/;'__________________";=+//++++=++))//|||||||/,:''^^,,::::::::::::,:'''_'':'__'",'"'''-`. ..`-_-. . .
++++++++++//////),__,,""":__________________:+)+=====+|///++/|/^:":^/++///+;:::::::"::":::::::::::::::::::::"-... ..`'` . .
+++++++++++///=,___;^---_":________'=+:::,;'__"++=====+)////|^_..._,;:",,:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"":,:- . .'-.. .._
++++++++++++//+,___:`....-:__"_____:_`....-,____/|//+//|)/+|,___'"-`,,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"":,-.. ..'`...`'
+++++++++++++//|^___''''''__":_____""`...-:"____';+++===+)||^,:;'...._,^;;::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"::. __..-'.
++++++++++++++/+//;'________;:""'____''""'_____:+|^;,;;=+||:::;- ......':,,,,:::::::"::::::::::::::::::::::::::"^` . ._'.__..
++++++++++++++++////=:'____________________'";=/+:''''':)^:::^- .... . .`::,,,:,,::,,:::::::::::::::::::::::::;......"_'- ..
+++++++++++++++++//+/=::::::'_________'":;^++++;""'''"=/,:::;" ..... `'`"````....-_":,,:::::::::::::::::::;-.....:,-.....
++++++++++++++++++//+'""",)*+"'"^xi:"',/^^^^=;"'"'";+|^::::"^- .. . ..'`. ... ..`-_'"::,,:::::::":;:-.-'_''-.
++++++++++++++++++/|,,,|+=//xviiv//''__,;"'''''";=v)^::"::::^_. `". . ..`--___'::_--__-`.. .
+++++++++++++++++/||++/x***lxv%**{{v;__'^"'",=+++/^:::"""::":;-. .`". .... .... ......
+++++++++++++++++)^;;;+^{{+;;;=^{***i;,^=;;^;^//=::::::::;::"/I+-...`......`"....... . ................ _
+++++++//++////++|=^^=+=*%^^=^+,{**l%/=;,,,,,,=|:^::=::::+,::v}1t*),:,'..._-_'.. ... .... .. ..._/1'
//////////|/=;,,,;=^^+=i)|^;;=^|v/^,,,,,,,,,,,=|:+::+:::^{{x{}**}??*?@@?%='`._'`... ..... ..-__.. ...`':^|}771:
You probably can't quite see it, but it's Peter Griffin trying to sell a Buttscratcher to Louis.
I hope I didn't break any HTML with this :D

Credits go to Chris220 for the application-base (though I also helped with that ;)).
You need Mono 2.4(.4?) or .NET 3(.5?) to run it (it's written in C#).
I just worked on one bug I found out while making this picture for quite exact 2h.

If anyone is interested in the path of development, here's the three threads of the Facepunch forum that essentially contain this information.

And since I have nothing else to tell you, enjoy a screenshot of my Lubuntu:

Sunday, May 16, 2010


So, I finally got it. I used the Ubuntu DVD to install a minimal Ubuntu system, then installed OpenBox, though I couldn't be bothered to set it up, so I installed the lubuntu-meta package. It of course has additional pre-installed features, but it still doesn't run as expected.

The biggest problem being the function-keys not working (display-brightness, enabling/disabling WLAN, volume, ..).
Secondary the buggy flash-plugin. It doesn't seem to always correctly register the mouse-release event and tends to crash a lot. I hope the HTML5 canvas will replace much...

MonoDevelop runs fine on Linux, but I can't really be bothered writing the GUI in Gtk#. Gtk# is okay if you want a rich user interface and invest time in it, but I just want a quick and dirty GUI and that's just not possible with Gtk#.
Funny thing is, I found out that my Sudoku-program runs (almost) fine in Linux:
It's having minor cosmetic bugs (also causing Undo and Redo not to work properly) and Loading and Saving doesn't work, but I guess I could fix that.
But that is not helpful when it doesn't even start up on my mothers Macbook ._.

I'll try out how a 'normal' Xubuntu install works out for me concerning the function-keys.
It'd be sweet to have an Ubuntu running on my laptop, but not with that crippled functionality; the akku'd say good bye in 1h or something and it's kinda inconvenient to do it manually and script are also not the dog's bollocks.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


It felt like it is time for a new blogpost, but nothing particularly interesting happened, so I though I'd just write you my plans for the next few days or so.

As you might now, I wanna slap Lubuntu on my Laptop. The stable beta was released, but only the x86 version though I want my full x64 power. I commented on their release-post but it remained un-answered (apart from some anon who told me that the x86 version runs on x64 processors, which would not be correct for Intels IA64 btw).

chaotika suggested to download the Ubuntu DVD as you can apparently still install a minimal Ubuntu with it, so I did. Thus my plan is yet again to try out U-lite.

But before this, I wanna get my Sudoku-program in a running and playable state. It actually is, but Mono has not completely implemented System.Windows.Forms and my mother, for whom I am writing this, has a Macintosh with OSX.

Since I moved form MonoDevelop to SharpDevelop (which runs just fine btw) I discontinued using Gtk# in favor of System.Windows.Forms, since SharpDevelop has no built-in Gtk#-Designer and Glade decided not to run.

So yeah, C# is actually pretty sleek as I already stated. Here's a screenie of said Sudoku-program:

Currently I'm moving my logic-code to a library and then I'll make a GUI using Gtk# without a fancy designer. Not too much work in that small GUI anyways.

Current features include Saving and Loading, Undo and Redo, basic error-checking and of course laying in numbers. You can either use the radio-buttons below or use the number-keys. You can also place in numbers in bold or italic (e.g. for given numbers and guessed numbers).

Plans include localisation via text-files and possibly Sudoku-creation and Sudoku-solving (thus also just giving a hint ;)).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

C#, MonoDevelop

I wanted to get into C# for quite a while, so last week I installed MonoDevelop on the my schools computer to replace the Java (eww) IDE. After a short while of using it, I decided to install it on my temporary Windows-setup.
C# seems to be a real treat, but MonoDevelop runs like shit for me. I'm using v2.2.2, which is dubbed as 'stable', but for me it runs pretty unstable.

It seems to like to crash at random, sometimes after crashing it doesn't like to open certain files without further explanation than "Specified method is not supported", which I have no idea what this means relating to opening simple text-files.
It also seems to have a habit of corrupting my UI made with the Gtk# UI Designer.

Dunno how it runs for everyone else, but I'm staying away from MonoDevelop until they are releasing a new major revision.

I'll try out SharpDevelop, from which MonoDevelop forked, but they seem to have gone a little different ways, and hope that MonoDevelop runs fine for me on Lubuntu.