Friday, April 2, 2010

ViruZ Demo Progress-status

So how far is the demo away?
I'm pushing myself to its release, and I've been doing that for 3 month now :P

The switch from cairo to OpenGL was the first obstacle, then finding a decent way to have the shader manage the positions of each virus for instancing, then implementing a geometry shader and now ditching the geometry shader again.

At this very moment I am implementing an easier way to deal with shaders and uploading values to it. That shouldn't take long, most stuff (about 60%) is done, took me around 3h (I was helping someone else and talking to someone else during that, so it took a little longer).

After that it shouldn't be hard to get my virus-shaders working again. Of course I cannot know if I run into any unexpected problems.

Then I will have to find the cause of the serum instantly infecting all viruses upon injection. I don't expect this to be hard to debug.

The switch to a lower OpenGL core version also should be quite fast. Just setting up a bunch of extensions.

The final step before the demo is a basic main-menu, maybe featuring a quality-setting and an animated background. Apart from that the main-menu needs to be able to start the game and exit the application. Getting from the game to the main-menu will probably be done via key-press.

I won't have to think about any trouble regarding the licensing for my code, since the only APIs I am using are OpenGL, OpenMP and the SC++L, all of which are released under a free, open and unenforcing license.
The demo will be source-less and released under some freeware-license.

That being said, I'm having a programmers block. That term kinda describes the inability to keep focus on coding. Dunno, been there since my shader started bitching and my computer broke down. Hopefully this holiday won't go to waste by playing a bunch of games.

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