Saturday, April 24, 2010

Samsung R580

So, I got a laptop yesterday, the Samsung R580.
It's pretty sweet so far, except that the screen is a little too bright.

I was looking for a dual-core with >= 2GHz, a dedicated GeForce graphics card >= 8800GS and >= 3GB RAM. Then of course the longer the battery lasts, the better.
I wanted it for development, multi-core testing and some games among HL2 performance.

I didn't test it out yet, but the GeForce 330M I have in here seems to be quite powerful. The specs of this laptop btw. It's got a 330M really, not a 310M as the page stats. Dunno why it says so, maybe I have a different sub-model or something.

I only had a few minor disadvantages of the keyboard as of yet, which is getting the [Fn]-key instead of LControl, # instead of enter, the left-arrow instead of down and sometimes the NumBlock instead of backspace. But I guess that will become better if I keep using this keyboard.

The built-in numpad is pretty sweet, though I guess I could also have settled for a numpad via the [Fn]-key.

The laptop is also pretty light.

As I was told it has a battery-runtime of 4h, I guess the external graphics card is drawing quite a bit, since most laptops read to have a run-time of 3-4h if they possessed dedicated graphics hardware.
It's not too impressive, but it'll do.

I'm hoping to get either U-lite or Lubuntu, if U-lite proves too cocky to set up, on this thing.

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