Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Laptop + Ubuntu + LXDE

I decided to install a Linux on my Laptop. Well, I was certain of that before I bought it, but that's not the point.

So far, I'm most confident with Ubuntu and its deviates, since it's piss easy to set up and easy to maintain, plus you get quite recent software updates.

I was also giving Arch Linux, Gentoo and Fedora. I can't remeber why I decided against Fedora, but Archlinux and Gentoo take their work to be set up and Ubuntu runs fine enough.

Next point: LXDE
I want LXDE, because it seems logical to me that with a light weight desktop environment (and window manager) my battery will last a little longer. And I have more resources free for other programs.

I don't need my desktop to look fancy. Of course I use some eye candy, but LXDE doesn't look any worse than GNOME or Xfce IMO.

I found U-lite, which uses Openbox, a very light window manager. There's also Lubuntu, but as U-lite stated, they're more light that Lubuntu, though I guess when it becomes a stable release they will be maintained better, the two teams seem to communicate.

To install U-lite you need to install a base Ubuntu-system, so I downloaded the mini-ISO, put it on a USB-Stick and restarted.
First problem: It didn't seem to have been configured right, because it couldn't find the kernel image.
It was simply named linux, but when it started up it caused a kernel panic due to the root filesystem not being mountable. I found out that you need to set another initrd, which then brought me to the setup screen.

I was happy, thinking that now everything will be easy. WRONG:
No network devices found. I changed a setting in the BIOS to activate the WLAN upon booting (which it then did), but it still could not find a networking device. I googled to find out, that you need a special driver for my Atheros WLAN device.

I got an idea of simply connecting via cable. But yet again, it couldn't find a networking device. Again this was caused by the need for an additional driver. Neat! Fucking Great!

I could download the debian packages of the internet, but I'd have to manually resolve dependencies, besides I wasn't able to mount my NTFS drives, nor did I find my USB Stick in /dev (the latter probably due to my dumbness). It's also possible that the drivers need to run in ring 0 and thus I'd need to recompile the kernel and restart. Dunno if that's possible for an installer.

I now dropped U-lite, but I don't blame it.
I'll wait for the RC of Lubuntu, which they said will come out this month or early beginning of next. I hope that this installer will ship with appropriate drivers :S

P.S.: I don't do web-programming, still I know a little bit of HTML, so I took the liberty of fishing around in the HTML of the blog-posts, which are usually generated via an editor.
Like that I, for example, was able to post correctly formatted code, the media player two posts down (Der Moment) and the abbreviations IMO and RC in this post :3
Man, I suck :< (and the angle bracket of this smiley, because the editor does not correct them)

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chaotika said...

Do you have your wifi running? If you need help, i know a bit about it.