Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, to start this post I should say that the last few days I haven't been working on ViruZ.

My computer stopped working, when I was debugging it and I got some BSOD about some kernel error.
I restarted my computer and instead of showing that loading animation when Win7 starts up the display just stayed black.
I then tried out my Sidux LiveCD (Debian Sid/unstable), which also didn't work. So I installed Debian in some unpartitioned space I have left over for testing OSs.

The graphical install worked and after some minor internet problems I got it completely installed. But booting it didn't work: It showed all the normal console-stuff on startup and when it got to the line where it states that it's starting the desktop manager my display again stayed black.
I found out that the text-interface was working fine and found out that at least my data was undamaged.

At some point I also took out my graphicscard, cleaned it and put it back in, but the result didn't change. It also couldn't have been a temporary overheating, since after I slept and tried again it still didn't work.

So I got a replacement card from a friend, found out that it's AGP (I don't have a AGP slot :P), got another PCI one and it kinda worked. There were some display errors (kinda like a 16 colors-modus), but that was in Linux just as it was present in Windows.
I ordered a new card similar to my old one and half a day later, before going to bed, I tried the broken card again - only to find out that it was now working again.

I canceled the shipping of the new card and my computer runs again.

Now to the actual title of this blogpost: ViruZ will soon not feature a geometry-shader. The program I was using to find out how well the extensions are supported seems to malfunction. Geometry-shaders are supported for GeForce 8000-series or higher and ATi/AMD HD 2000 and higher, which is not acceptable.

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