Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Der Moment

This is "Der Moment" by paniq. I found the lyrics to be very beautiful and worth translating and posting on my blog.
paniq composes electronic music, minimal techno and some hip-hop style songs, afaik all are licensed under the Creative Commons.

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All albums of his are available in FLAC, except those, whose originals were lost and only the Ogg Vorbis or MP3 versions are still existant.

The lyrics translated to English by myself:
The Moment

Maybe you are on a visit by a friend while listening to this song
even if you are alone, it does not make a difference
the moment you listen and simply let go
will become the moment you die and love yourself for it

Because isn't it like this: You can barely stand yourself
you anxiously walk through the world and feel queasy
when making a mistake you seldom laugh,
because you must take care of doing evenything right.

What you feel and what you think will never be understood by others
and you rarely can look into the eyes of someone else,
but when you don't know the pupils of your friends
why is it that you can still call them your friends?

When theres a person nearby, that one can call a friend,
why don't you now turn to him and take a look
and when you see your sorrow in his eyes,
then you realize, that you still look at yourself.

And maybe it's like that: You are all alone.
What's so good about being together?
If he is a a true friend and knows that you exist
doesn't that also mean, that he really cherishes you?

It's not about possession, about sex or power
and when you look away now, then you've pondered too much
and the moment you look there and simply let go
will become the moment you die and love yourself for it

Maybe you see even more things in the person next to you;
his roots are ancient, he's half god and half animal
and on his side he creates his own reality,
but on the other he will die without your affection.

Don't you know best, just from yourself, what every human needs
and what you give another person is what you also get back from him.
If you wish for someone to clean out your soul,
then it's just not important who will fulfill that wish.

The borders that you know are just an eyewash
live your life like it would end every minute
and give the person, who gladly looks you in the eye,
your hair, your hands, your mouth and your skin.

You take by giving and loose when you win,
but the fear you feel because you surpess your consciousness
closes all doorways to the light that shines within you.
You would kiss by now, if you'd just take heart.

The meaning of this kiss is of a magical character
when you feel the white charm again, then you're finally on the right track
because an answer to the question, why you exist, is really simple:
Because there's someone who loves you.

And with these words, this truth, this song will end
and even if you are now confused, it does not make a difference,
because the moment you believe and simply let go
will become the moment you die, so that love can live.

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