Friday, April 16, 2010

defective computer

My computer, yet again, crapped out. This time it's my primary hard drive.
It kinda works fine, but after a few minutes it simply vanishes from Windows and that of course hangs the system. If I do a warm restart, even my BIOS will not see it, if I however do a cold restart it is detected again.

My Linux Desktop Manager is not functioning from the previous error I had, but through the terminal I could see that my HDD actually seems to work just fine.

I'm getting kinda worried that the chipset or something is not working properly, thus if I'd now buy a new HDD that something else might break.

So I decided to look around for a replacement. However I actually wanted to wait until GPGPUs are getting popular, so I am looking for laptops.
Nothing really fast, but capable for Games (Source-games in medium graphics quality, no AA) and good RAM, since IDEs tend to take a good share of that, plus around 500GB of disk space, since coding projects do occupy some space...

I actually planned to make a small post about a song with sweet lyrics (german) I found, but that'll just follow tomorrow or something.

P.S.: I will not get a macbook >:(
For one, I don't get around too well with the Desktop Enviroment (though you could probably change that) and the keyboard is just horrible IMO, as well as especially the (default) key layout.

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