Thursday, March 11, 2010

OpenGL 4.0

Today, the specs of OpenGL 4.0 (and GLSL 4.00) were released. I didn't go through all changes yet (the OpenGL spec is almost 400 pages long! and the GLSL spec additional 100 pages), but what I've seen so far appeals.
Though I still have to learn how this weird packing data into one integer-thing works. I don't know what the name is, but HistoPyramids, which I investigated on a few days ago and didn't understand, seems to be a similar technique.

Well, so what made me make this post is the statement, that Khronos will add extensions to OpenGL 3(.3) to make as much of the OpenGL 4.0-features possible with older hardware.
So then I thought, what hardware actually supports OpenGL 3? And well, all ATi/AMD 2xxx or higher and the nVidia 8000-series or higher (didn't care about Intel and what not).
So I will look into the OpenGL 3-stuff I need/want to use and look if OpenGL 2 supports it through extensions and finally port ViruZ to use OpenGL 2 instead.

btw, the port from cairo to OpenGL is harder than thought. This time to actually finish coding the game, I took the idiom "Make a game, not an engine", thus the cairo-stuff is all over the place and not hidden behind some interface.
Well, my fault after all, since you should stick with your decision if you use that idiom.

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