Thursday, February 18, 2010

VriuZ update 12

I didn't do anything big, but I just thought that I'd let you know that this project is still going somewhere.

I was talking about moving shit around. Well, yesterday I brought it down from 80 errors and >4000 warnings while compiling to 0 errors and ~2000 warnings. The warnings are mostly caused by the standard library or the Windows API. Around 10 or something are by me, but they're harmless.

Parallel to this move I also added a rudimentary level-datatype. At the moment you can only specify the number of viruses and number of simultaneously injections, but of course it will become more useful later on.

Today I quickly added different sizes to my shared graphics.
The viruses get rendered only once for their healthy and sick-state, so you can simply copy the pixels instead of having to calculate them again.
Programmers will know what a map is, so yeah, I simply used a std::map<double, cairo_surface_t*[NUM_SHARED_GFX_STATES]> with double specifying the size and cairo_surface_t* is the image so to say.


You can see 25 small viruses and 25 big ones, as well as two injections at a time. It's also visible, that the bigger viruses have a bigger contamination-radius.

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