Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So.... Blogpost

There's not much to tell. I've began making a post about The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, but I don't feel like finishing it atm.
Let's just say that it's a pretty interesting thing.

Next up, I've been listening to a bit Mathcore lately. It's Metalcore (extreme Metal) with complex rhythms. It sounds very interesting and I quite like it. Have an example (since I know that there's at least one reader, who cannot view this: youtube-link).

I did some shizzle on ViruZ, nothing fancy, still on prettying up the code by moving stuff to the playground. Just a few lines though.

I also began making an assembler and simulator (with debugger) for the Intel 8085 ┬ÁP. It's kinda fun.

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LordHelmchen said...

Hmm, to my surprise... very nice...

normaly I don't linke such music ;)