Sunday, February 14, 2010

Portable FLAC player

I kinda forgot to mention FLAC in my MP3-bashing post. I did mention it, but on a personal computer (also most laptops) you should have more than enough space to store your music in a lossless format - such as FLAC. Trust me when I say that you will hear a difference if you listened to FLAC for a while.
WavPack is also a good lossless compression (opposed to FLAC it also support high-precision 32-bit en/decoding), but as a trade off it's slower and has less hardware-support.

I recently found out that iTunes supports neither Ogg Vorbis nor FLAC. I suggest looking for alternatives; you can also upload your music with other software.

I've also done some calculations. I tried to find out how much FLAC music you get for 1mb and in an average worst case you should get about 6.1 seconds for 1mb FLAC.
You can calculate with about 2GB if you have an older player and didn't wanna spend much money, for this you would get at least 3h and 23min of music. It's not much, but if you have a more modern one you can calculate with double, if not four times the storage - also keep in mind that this is the a pretty bad case.

I didn't test through every song, but calculated it for a few albums. My best were 10secs for 1mb. That'd be more than 5,5h on a 2GB device.
I think my average was about 8.75secs for 1mb, which would calculate to about 4h and 52min.

Well, it's kinda hard to predict how much you will be able to store into your device, because it will vary from music to music.
The worst value came from Hypnotize and the best from Converting Vegetarians CD2.

Now I'll be looking for a portable FLAC-capable player with 4GB or maybe even 8GB.

Note: If that's too little music for you, you can still use Ogg Vorbis over MP3, because you will get more music of the same quality and size. But you will have to rip the music from a lossless source, else you will get worse quality.

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