Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3mm hair?

I want to keep my hair shorter now, so I've been meeting up with a friend last sunday.
I've had 3mm before, so I thought I'll just get 3mm again. So we adjusted the razor to 3mm and shortly after beginning to go through my hair, he started laughing.
The thing is, that 3mm is really short. Like really short. About half the length that I had after going to the barber.
We tried to fix it, since 3mm over all would have looked a little too short. About 5mm seemed to be the length I've really gotten.

What I have now seems to be called a boxer-haircut. It's 3mm on the side and on the back, the rest is 5mm.
When my hair has grown a bit, I'll get my uniform cut again: 5mm all over.
Since he was next, he got the proper cut already.

We could have actually tried 6mm first and gone down till it's fine, but that's just not what you think about when you've said 3mm to the barber without knowing that you've gotten about 5mm.

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