Saturday, February 27, 2010

The chaos in Mathcore

This week went by fast and I can't think of anything meaningful to post, so I'll just add a few words to that post.

Mathcore has one major appeal, and this is the chaotic aspect. The rhythm changes unpredictably within one song and atonal sounds are used. These seemingly wrong sounds are what makes the music especially interesting.
What still makes it music is, that it doesn't do that every second. It's still sounding fine and has lyrics like you'd expect. And depending on the song, patters of this anomalies emerge.
The only bad thing about the chaotic aspect is, that you can't really headbang to it. It's also hard to dance to the music.

Ionenbombe and I were joking around and actually found something by inventing 'slizing'. You simply slide your feet around fast on a moderately slippery underground, not moving much out of your place and hold balance.
In addition, you can also wiggle around with your chest.
We found this rather exhausting, but still fun. Especially the chest-wiggling is harder on your muscles and you need to pay even more attention to not fall.
The word is a combination of 'dancing' and 'sliding'. To not confuse it with 'slicing', we replaced the 'c' with a 'z', which also makes the word sound better :P

Going back to the music-genre: The second aspect is, that it's hard. You know, fast drums, shouting, mainly growling and screams, this kinda stuff.
While I listen to a wide variety of genres, metal is one of my favorite. I don't know why I like it, maybe it's just its aggressive nature, but it somehow appeals to me.
Just as well I like slow and emotional songs though, but chaotic rhythms simply don't fit too well in there :P

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3mm hair?

I want to keep my hair shorter now, so I've been meeting up with a friend last sunday.
I've had 3mm before, so I thought I'll just get 3mm again. So we adjusted the razor to 3mm and shortly after beginning to go through my hair, he started laughing.
The thing is, that 3mm is really short. Like really short. About half the length that I had after going to the barber.
We tried to fix it, since 3mm over all would have looked a little too short. About 5mm seemed to be the length I've really gotten.

What I have now seems to be called a boxer-haircut. It's 3mm on the side and on the back, the rest is 5mm.
When my hair has grown a bit, I'll get my uniform cut again: 5mm all over.
Since he was next, he got the proper cut already.

We could have actually tried 6mm first and gone down till it's fine, but that's just not what you think about when you've said 3mm to the barber without knowing that you've gotten about 5mm.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

VriuZ update 12

I didn't do anything big, but I just thought that I'd let you know that this project is still going somewhere.

I was talking about moving shit around. Well, yesterday I brought it down from 80 errors and >4000 warnings while compiling to 0 errors and ~2000 warnings. The warnings are mostly caused by the standard library or the Windows API. Around 10 or something are by me, but they're harmless.

Parallel to this move I also added a rudimentary level-datatype. At the moment you can only specify the number of viruses and number of simultaneously injections, but of course it will become more useful later on.

Today I quickly added different sizes to my shared graphics.
The viruses get rendered only once for their healthy and sick-state, so you can simply copy the pixels instead of having to calculate them again.
Programmers will know what a map is, so yeah, I simply used a std::map<double, cairo_surface_t*[NUM_SHARED_GFX_STATES]> with double specifying the size and cairo_surface_t* is the image so to say.


You can see 25 small viruses and 25 big ones, as well as two injections at a time. It's also visible, that the bigger viruses have a bigger contamination-radius.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Portable FLAC player

I kinda forgot to mention FLAC in my MP3-bashing post. I did mention it, but on a personal computer (also most laptops) you should have more than enough space to store your music in a lossless format - such as FLAC. Trust me when I say that you will hear a difference if you listened to FLAC for a while.
WavPack is also a good lossless compression (opposed to FLAC it also support high-precision 32-bit en/decoding), but as a trade off it's slower and has less hardware-support.

I recently found out that iTunes supports neither Ogg Vorbis nor FLAC. I suggest looking for alternatives; you can also upload your music with other software.

I've also done some calculations. I tried to find out how much FLAC music you get for 1mb and in an average worst case you should get about 6.1 seconds for 1mb FLAC.
You can calculate with about 2GB if you have an older player and didn't wanna spend much money, for this you would get at least 3h and 23min of music. It's not much, but if you have a more modern one you can calculate with double, if not four times the storage - also keep in mind that this is the a pretty bad case.

I didn't test through every song, but calculated it for a few albums. My best were 10secs for 1mb. That'd be more than 5,5h on a 2GB device.
I think my average was about 8.75secs for 1mb, which would calculate to about 4h and 52min.

Well, it's kinda hard to predict how much you will be able to store into your device, because it will vary from music to music.
The worst value came from Hypnotize and the best from Converting Vegetarians CD2.

Now I'll be looking for a portable FLAC-capable player with 4GB or maybe even 8GB.

Note: If that's too little music for you, you can still use Ogg Vorbis over MP3, because you will get more music of the same quality and size. But you will have to rip the music from a lossless source, else you will get worse quality.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So.... Blogpost

There's not much to tell. I've began making a post about The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, but I don't feel like finishing it atm.
Let's just say that it's a pretty interesting thing.

Next up, I've been listening to a bit Mathcore lately. It's Metalcore (extreme Metal) with complex rhythms. It sounds very interesting and I quite like it. Have an example (since I know that there's at least one reader, who cannot view this: youtube-link).

I did some shizzle on ViruZ, nothing fancy, still on prettying up the code by moving stuff to the playground. Just a few lines though.

I also began making an assembler and simulator (with debugger) for the Intel 8085 ┬ÁP. It's kinda fun.