Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ViruZ update 11

Compared to the last few entries, this one is quite late.
Well, I was saying that I'll be working on the Source-projects and I did.
I'm not reporting about them, because the one mod is kinda a secret as of now (nothing special though, just didn't care about PR yet, nor we have a design document, meaning no feature freeze yet) and the other one... well the report would be like:
So I added this weapon and debugged it and played that game because it's so boring and then I ended up watching a few episodes of that series and finished coding so I can get to sleep.

But the title is Viruz update 11, because I actually have some words to say about the doings of that game.
I've been wanting to test it on an older computer, with the result of it not starting up. The problem is, that I require the SSE2 extension. I decided to use it, because cairo is using doubles for every numerical stuff and thus I am using doubles in my code.
Doubles are double-precision floating-point values, thus they occupy the double amount of space and SSE2 makes enough room for that.
I guess I'll also compile a SSE2-less version, so you guys with older hardware can still try to play it. I still don't know how much FPS those machines give though.

I will also now move all the game-logic out of the Window-class I made. That was planned from the start anyways, so I have then a part I call 'playground' and one 'HUD'.
Upon this step I also plan on speeding up the infection-algorithm by not looping through each virus for each sick virus, but rather register each virus upon getting sick as such in the Playground-class, then looping through once and checking if any healthy virus is inside of a contamination-circle.

I also need to make my mind up about how to design levels. I guess I'll be using JSON. It looks so much cleaner than XML and it's still an easy editable format. For parsing it I'll probably just use some pre-written software. There's no need to reinvent the wheel here!

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