Sunday, January 3, 2010

ViruZ update 10

We reached a number with two digits already! Not bad.

So, I've implemented functionality to the anti-serum. Viruses now can get sick, infect others and die.
Though I have to loop through all viruses to find, which ones to infect, the framerate is still good enough.

I'm not sure what more to say. Have a picture:
Three viruses are in a sick-state, three are sickening and two are dying. Six are already dead and 38 are alive and healthy.

There's a small animation for the sickening. You can see the contamination-radius expanding.
Upon dying, the virus with his contamination-radius gets smaller and is dead upon reaching singularity.

Here's a fun picture when I didn't have them die yet:
If you compare it to the other picture, you can also see that in this version the viruses have a bit more contrast than now.

The next step is changing the movement of the viruses. I want them to move straight lines in a random fashion. Right now, they have a set velocity and bounce off the sides. Well, except when they are sick, in which case they stand still :P

I will spend less time on ViruZ now. I need to get back to code some stuff in Source I promised I would. And I also like to get it out of my head.
And school is back on next week (well, in 8 days). I should begin to worry about my final exams...

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