Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday Night Madness

as my friend Ionenbombe entitled our additional training on Friday night after Volleyball is over. Note the resemblance to Team Ryoukos Friday Night Madness, though we are far less awesome :P
Well, yesterday we had a good one in a long time. Before I had my torn ligaments, then a bunch of friends wanted to go grab something to eat after Volleyball training, or we trained, but it's been a long time since it was as good as this one.

(Personal) Highlights: I'm proud to have finally gotten a handstand with the support or a wall to lean on to work. I fought a little with Ionenbombe (really just a little bit, but better than nothing :D), we had music due to an misunderstanding and we were jogging for 15min. as the final point of training. Sure it's not much time, but it's been long since we last did that ;]

After I got home, I just needed something sweet and grabbed an Apple apple. After I had eaten it and worried about one of my computers hard drives (still have to run chkdsk on it - just to be sure) I was happy going to bed.

So next morning, after I've slept quite well, I was still a little tired, but somehow managed to drag by body under the shower.
When I got out of the bathroom and wanted to eat for breakfast, my mother reminded me that I wanted to help her get rid of some residual waste we had lying around in our basement about an hour ago. I totally forgot that, since she told me not too long before Volleyball training, where I simply did not keep it in mind.

Well, I dragged the stuff up into the car and we could at least get one load of to the waste disposal. I don't know the word for it, but it's a powerplant producing energy by burning garbage.

To not make this a mega-post I'll save some stuff up for later. Maybe tomorrow or something.
"So long, suckers!"(Prof. Farnsworth)

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