Thursday, June 11, 2009

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I've tried my hands on VALVes achievements, since I have access to the SteamWorks SDK. I would like to explain the way I've gone so far without e-mailing VALVe, but I didn't write my name under a NDA for nothing.
Let's just say that I wrote some test-code I mostly copied, which didn't work, edited it, got it compiled but didn't work in-game, tried to fix it, still didn't work, added the achievement to Dreamball (not code), still didn't work, thought that I have the solution, crashed, fixed, didn't work although probably closer to the solution and that's where I'm at now. I'll e-mail VALVe I guess.

The new, upcoming C++0x-Standard for C++ (duh!) is looking fukkin sweet so far. For those who don't know, the x there is to be replaced with the year it's going to be released... and guess what number that will be...
You can easily google up the list of changes; I'm so damn amazed. I'll make use of it for sure! For one in a small game-engine I wanna write with a friend and for a math library I wanna write with two of my friends.

gcc is already implementing the changes and publishing them, as an "experimental C++0x mode".

I've also stubled upon D (again). This time I've taken a closer look. It's official website seems like it's trying to bash the hell out of C++. The examples are like
That's the C++-way: <code> It can't do this and that, it looks ugly, it's unefficient under these circumstances.
That's the D-way: <code> It's easy, but could be better. It works like <description>.
That's another D-way: <code> And it's darn good.
Maybe I'm just picking it up the wrong way, but it sounds really assy. The worst thing is, they're right though.

I'm a C++-programmer by heart, but D just looks really promising. It's like a modern C++ - the syntax is quite alike, because it's goal is making a better C++.

The only thing I'd be worried about are the libraries. There are tons for C/C++, but D? I've read something about limited support for C/C++ libraries though.

It's definetly something I should look into when I don't have big projects on my hand. Can't wait to test it :S

Monday, June 1, 2009

Updated design

I updated the design a bit:
bigger post-span
slightly bigger post-font
new post-title color :D

And I want to take a bit more space for my posts themselves, meaning I won't only use single new lines, but also double new lines to format my text for easier readability.

And I also want to loose a small word on Google Wave. Plain awesome; can't wait. Another step in taking over the internets :) In Google I trust.