Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hey ya all

Today I'm gonna realize my world domination plan and take over the world!
Maybe not... you'll see..

Happy Easter btw

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Damn! I totally forgot about my blog.

Let's see... Rome.. I'll write something about that before I forget too much.

So yea, in our school the 11th form was offered different field excursions, all taking about a week. We had three options:
Hiking in Spain
Rome, with a guided tour each day telling us about the roman history (mainly)
Skiing in the Alps
I decided for Rome.

It's the first time I was on a plane, I felt a little unsure - but not really afraight. I guess it was just because it was something new for me. The feeling while taking of and when landing is awesome, because your sense of balance is all weird.
So, after... I don't remember ... seven hours or something we arrived at the hotel. I and many of the others didn't eat much till then, so some groups formed and met up on the local McDonalds not far from that hotel. After having eaten a bit, we've gone back to the hotel to just getting used to spend a week there.
I was in a room with four others. One being a friend of mine, another nerd known as Schnitzl, two who were trying to party or something (like drinking alcohol, being together with others talking about shit or something) and one who was either following them (I guess) or resting (at least trying to).

I think I've spend most of my free time with reading a book about maths and doing some excercises of that.
I've also spend some time on coding on paper - horrible! I might work better with a pencil and a rubber than a ballpen, lol.
And I also slept some hours in the afternoon - not particulary because I didn't catch enough sleep in the night (which wasn't too far off what I normally sleep), but rather out of lonelyness. Lonelyness didn't kill me though. Although I think I could have spend my time much better, I usually did something to kill time.

But, speaking of sleeping, we had to get up 8AM every day for breakfast and usually at 9AM we gone somewhere to see and hear stuff about roman history. So, I planned to go to bed at 1AM, because 7h sleep is very well for me. That was not possible though - in our room we had silence at about 3AM or something.
The noice of the others trying to share their thoughts and drinking alcohol wouldn't have been too loud to sleep for me, if not the bed was so different that I have at home.
We had three blankets (rather thin to make up for the number) and the mattress was harder than I'm used to.

I don't wanna make the post too big, so I'll leave you with that so long.