Friday, December 25, 2009

ViruZ update 4

A major performance-improvement today. Turns out that double-buffering increased the performance!
My guess is, that this way the device context doesn't have to be updated at every call of the paint-function.

I also added simple movement (the circles are simply moving in one direction) and the speed I'm getting from this is about 180-280 FPS for still 100 viruses, represented by outlined and anti-aliased circles blah blah :D
Oh, and the FPS-text is also drawn :P

I'm also still always drawing the whole frame and only using one thread to draw.
I also fixed some small stuff in my message-pump, which caused some messages to be sent twice (tbh I'm not sure if that is still occouring..).

note: that L on the FPS just indicates, that it is a double-precision float(ing-point number).

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