Sunday, December 20, 2009

ViruZ - fifth rewrite

Some of you might have heard ViruZ before, but I doubt you will remember it.
I posted about it when I still wrote in German.

So, it was a flash-game before. It's about viruses you have to kill with an antidote.
The viruses are represented with circles and you can inject the antidote with a mouse-click on the cursor-position. The viruses move around randomly.
On injecting the antidote, the viruses in a set area around that spot will be infected and become sick. Some may survive, some may die. Any viruses, that are near enough on sick viruses, will get sick themselves.

I had a flash-version going, then attempted to rewrite that with proper use of OOP, but I ran into some complications with my C++-way of thinking.
After that I attempted to rewrite it in C++ using Qt. I also had some problems due to being new to Qt, but now, on my forth rewrite, I got around them.
Sadly Qt seems to be too slow. It draws 50 viruses at around 3 FPS. I am using vector-graphics, but they should be hardware-accelerated and I'm using caching, so it's probably the loop. They are saved in a stack-allocated array, so it's probably just to big.
Well, Qt is meant to be used for GUIs, not really games.

I'd use threads to batch-process the movement and maybe try to coordinate batched drawing, but Qt seems to be limited in its threading-ability.

So I am looking into cairo atm. I've already managed getting zlib and libpng to build, but I'm kinda clueless about cairo. fmake doesn't seem to work, so I'll try downloading MSYS.

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