Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mah hair

is about 3mm long. And just an hour ago they were about 60cm long. Kind of a bit of a difference, huh?

I explained some stuff in my previous Mah hair-post, so I won't have you tell about that stuff. But I have something to say about my visit to the barber: My mother made an appointment by one in the city where we live.
My Ex-Girlfriend wanted to see me getting my hair cut off, so I met her a little sooner. We were driving with the bike to the barber, but as it will turn out, I simply did not remember the full description of the way when I saw a barbershop.

I am planning to sell my hair. That's not the reason why I cut it of, but it's a nice thing, since it's not costing me much if I do so. My mother already explained to the barber how they shall cur my hair so we can sell it, but since I got to the wrong place they did not do it like planned.

When I got home my mother was really mad at me. She's in doubt that I can sell it appropriately now and she doesn't want to go to that barbershop she made the appointment with, since that wrong I did makes her look bad to them. I tried to explain why it went wrong and that I am sorry for the way it turned out, but it is understandable that she still is mad.

I am really disappointed in myself for not realizing that I was inside the wrong shop. It all seemed so easy-going, but now everything just looks so... I don't know; I can't find the right words for it, at least something bad.

If I am still able to sell my hair, I will pass the money to my parents. I feel just wrong taking it now, even if it turns out alright. I know that I cannot right the wrongs I did today, never ever probably, but I will just have to live with that.
I actually thought that I will be happy looking in the mirror and seeing my short hair, but now all I will remember is the sorrow of this day.

Also, I will post pictures of me with and without my long hair soonish.

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