Monday, December 7, 2009


I've been jogging two weeks ago, the first time I did real sports after my ligaments had been torn. I really enjoyed sweating out of physical effort.
It's been for school sport, and I'm glad to say that my muscles didn't get too rusty within the 2.5month. I think I could have been jogging with the top, if I hadn't told my teacher why I prefer C# to Java. We had a little discussion about C# vs Java and my teacher was looking for the pupils on the back, so I would have had to put a lot of effort to reach the top ones. Besides, I tried not to get too far away from the group that I was already in, since we were quite spread out.

We were jogging about 50min. and a distance of about 7km, which calculates to an average speed of 2 1/3 m/s.
I also had hella aching muscles afterwards :P It kicked in about evening after I've been sitting on the computer for some while.

I think the lack of sport really demotivates me for some reason. I haven't been doing much work lately: haven't been learning for tests, not doing any homework (I usually at least try to remember what we did last lesson and if there is any homework we must do), barely been preparing the speeches I have to give, little coding, ...
One good thing I did was writing this up. And this is because its ticket is marked essential and I'm quite excited about the project CML. For one about the actual code that we'll have to write, the design concepts we have to think up as well as its application.
But CML is material for another blog-post...

So, getting back to sports, after I've been playing badminton last week in school, I've decided that my foot should be healed well enough to get started with volleyball again. Since on Friday last week we had a match or some tournament I didn't participate. I also don't go Tuesdays, because we have school sport on Wednesday and I've already been missing enough of that...

As such, I am looking forward to this Friday. Badly enough though that till then I will have conducted all my presentations. I think I still can prepare for a test we write this year though.

Stay safe folks!

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