Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Bout mah hair today

Well, today things look a bit different.

If you were reading the post of yesterday, you will notice that I was emotionally touched by the events that went wrong. I gave it some thought yesterday evening and I dealt with it.
My mother should know after more than 19 years, that I am not that well with names. And if she doesn't care that I really take this to my heart and that I am disappointed in myself, well that's just not my concern. I did say sorry, I did explain myself and I did search for solutions, but frankly I do not have a time machine (yet!).

So, when I stood up this morning and looked this new face in the mirror, my first thought was about "Man, do I have big eye brows". Of course I also was reminded that I was going to the wrong barber shop and that I might not be able to sell my hair, though I have gone through some trouble to get to this point, but whatever.
It feels great having short hair, finally after having decided for this over a year ago.

Also, no pics yet. I only have the before-picture atm and I wanna post both at the same time.
You still have to wait. Or kill yourself and become a spiritual creature that can travel through the multiverse and the time. Have fun! and try not to make a mess :/

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