Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Paramedical course

I went to a paramedical course for... well I have no idea what the US pendant is, but I'll get a batch with the Rod of Asclepius to put on my jacket soon (via Velcro, not by stitching :P).
I've spend 3 weekends for this, meaning 6 days from 8:30 to 17:00. These were the official times, so not taking stuff like staying up, getting there, overrun a bit (well, mostly it was just a bunch of minutes) and getting back home into account.

On the last day, there was a theoretical test and a practical test. Those who passed were to getting a certificate... every one but me got one ;_;
I did pass the tests, but someone screw up and forgot to bring my form or something. So I'll obtain it later via post.

I was actually planning on getting there by bike. The way's like 3km or something. But the first day I had to quit a bit earlier for theater play at school, so my mother drove me so I can get faster to my school. A comerade of the local red cross-union offered to take me with him in his car for the remaining 5 days. Of course I accepted.
The last day however I didn't drive back with him. They were searching for a guy who could be driving a vehicle of the red cross back where it belongs and still get home easily. As I have my driver license and live like 200m further, I reported in for that.

Now this vehicle was the widest, and possibly even the biggest one, I've ever driven. I was quite worried scratching parked cars or planted trees or hitting some contraflow, but everything worked fine. In hindsight is was a nice experience and quite fun.

And I also wanted to explain the Panzels-post. So when I finally got home on sunday, I thought "I gotta get out of these pants", because the red cross-pants I tend to build up their own high-humidity atmosphere. And for the lulz of corruption I thought "pantsls" (or something sounding alike). Then I thought that this sounded like "pencils" and somehow I got to the word "pretzels", which in combination with "pants" would actually result in "pantzels".

So, later this evening I was talking to a friend, who wanted me to test if his website works. I wanted to go to sleep, but I was friendly enough to wait to test it. I was bored and asked him what the result of "pants" + "pretzels" would be, the answer being pantzels of course. Before pointing out, that this sounds like pencils, I was thinking that "pencils" + "panzer" would also equal "pantzels", so I told him that and assured him, that the government was behind this.
Because I still had to wait, I decided to blog it.

Yeah, I get like this when I'm tired.

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