Sunday, October 18, 2009

Windows Speech Recognition

I've been mainly enjoying Source-games now and returned to posting on the Steam forums. I have to say there were times when the Source Coding-section was far more active.

Anyways, I wanted to play a Multiplayer-game and gone through the settings to discover that my microphone is too quiet. I've searched for the settings in Window (well, and found them quickly) but stumbled upon the "Microsoft Speech Recognition", which I had to try out immediatly.
I probably wouldn't use it in my daily live, but I thought it might be fun.

The tutorial was very easy and promising, but after it was finished it was a hell working with it. When I gone through the tutorial you are supposed to say a bunch of things and it shows you how it should react then. I wanted to quit it half-way through as I thought that I'd know enough to navigate now, but then it said that the Speech Recognition will adapt the longer I work with it and it already is adapting as I train in this tutorial, so I continued since my spoken English is probably only half as good as my written one - which also is not perfect - as I train it less; I mean I write and read English all over the internet and usually play games & films in English, but I rarely have the opportunity to actually speak it.
Dictating works okay, until I wanted it to write C++, which it interpreted as "c plus plus" and I simply couldn't correct it. It also understood "eat it" when I said delete and when I said "select ..." it wrote the whole thing, instead of selecting all the words. It's probably there for selecting only one word - but why?
And it also had problems with my way of saying "Google" when I wanted to switch to Google Chrome - which I finally selected with my mouse and was quite unable to click any links!

I also wanted to say that I had the 3 posts "I'm back online" to "My right foot" prepared while I had no internets. There shouldn't be one mega-post again, so I separated them and to not make a 'virtual mega-post' I also waited 5 days between each post.
I actually had a forth post prepared for that, but I'm too lazy to plug the old drives back in and copy them (I have too little energy-cables on my PSU (=Power Supplying Unit) to power more than 2 :/).

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