Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Linux

Well so I decided to get Ubuntu.
The Frugalware-site is still down and although reading through the Arch Linux Beginners' Guide, from which I noticed that it's not really hard, as long as you can work through a cli, I decided to be lazy. Arch Linux takes a minimal approach and I think I can allow a few extra megabytes as opposed to some work.

I also said that I wanted to try and compile GLib myself. Well, there doesn't seem to be a official mirror of that library, nor its source-code.
Is it just some open specification with no available standard implementation?

Ubuntu should be a good trade between Debian stable and testing. I mean I've already used it and the only annoying thing was the loads of pre-installed applications. Although that was Kubuntu I don't think that Ubuntu is that different.

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